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Citadel of Academic Prowess Since 2015

Who we are

Welcome to MyDreams Academy

At MyDreams Academy, we are committed to nurturing academic excellence while instilling values that shape exceptional individuals ready to contribute positively to society. Founded in 2015 by Mr. Festus Kings, our institution stands proudly at the historic Old UNTH site in Enugu, Nigeria, offering a diverse range of programs.

Our Vision

We are the doyen of academic prowess, dedicated to impacting lives and restoring the dignity of our students, helping them discover and recover their God-ordained life and dreams (GOLD).

Our Core Values

  • Excellence: Striving for the highest standards in education and character development.
  • Diligence: Cultivating a spirit of hard work, dedication, and continuous improvement.
  • Moral Discipline: Fostering ethical behavior and responsible citizenship.
  • Zero Tolerance to Examination Malpractice: Upholding integrity in all academic endeavors.


Some of our best Students

Our Programmes

What we do and where are we good at.



Our approach to JAMB goes beyond mere examination preparation. We offer comprehensive lessons and tutorials tailored to equip students not only for the JAMB exam but to excel in their academic pursuits and beyond.



Our approach to Waec examinations is defined by a commitment to thorough Curriculum Coverage, Skill Development and Continuous Improvement



Our School of Nursing Entrance Exam Tutorial transcends mere exam readiness. We provide an immersive learning experience that equips aspiring nursing students for their entrance examination.



Our Post UTME Classes are designed to be more than mere preparatory sessions. At MyDreams Academy, we focus on Holistic Preparation, Critical Thinking and Guidance in Transition



At MyDreams Academy, our approach to NECO preparation surpasses the standard exam readiness focus. We ensure a Comprehensive Curriculum, Strategic Preparation, and Holistic Growth.



At MyDreams Academy, our IELTS program focuses on more than just exam preparation. We offer: Language Mastery, Exam Excellence, and Cultural Adaptation



The TOEFL program at MyDreams Academy goes beyond typical exam preparation. We provide: Language Enhancement, Strategic Readiness, and Academic Readiness



At MyDreams Academy, our SAT program offers more than conventional test preparation. We focus on: Comprehensive Subject Mastery, Strategic Approach, and College Readiness.

Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it

We embrace this scripture as a foundational principle. We believe in the power of clarity and intentionality in education. Our mission is to articulate a clear vision for academic excellence, not just for ourselves but for our students.

Our team

Board of directors, experts of construction and engineering.

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Project Manager

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Present in more than 20 countries worldwide, our main focus is construction and renewable energy, our subsidiaries are on:

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